Interlocking Tiles & Mosaics

Premium Pebble

Take inspiration from nature, combine it with advanced technology and you get ground-breaking design. Spindrift – spay blown from the crest of a wave – was the inspiration behind our Glass ‘Pebble’ tile – made from 26 precise individual shapes to produce the seamless, organic look of our trademark pebble tile but in the smooth satin finish and colour options of glass. We then applied the same technology and concept to quality marble stone – enter Spindrift Marble and a whole new design look.

Original Pebble

Okay so the original idea wasn’t ours… we borrowed from the clean, flowing ‘design’ of the rivers and beaches around us and tried to replicate it. The resulting mesh-backed, interlocking Perfect Pebble tile was a world first. The natural, seamless look of the tile when laid belies the hard work and detail – from sourcing and grading the raw material for colour, size and quality through to production in our purpose-built factory. And this same attention to detail and quality has been applied to our ever-expanding range of Pebble tiles.


‘Acak!’ the Indonesian word for ‘Random’ was exclaimed during the design process of this tile. And so, the name was cast. But while the look of the tile once laid is random, the process to achieve it is anything but. Individually tumbled pieces of marble are hand laid into a template, not unlike a jigsaw puzzle. And not only must the individual pieces fit together within a single tile; each tile needs to fit neatly into the next in our flagship four-sided interlocking design.


Simplicity is the key with our mosaic tiles, letting the natural variation in the colour and texture of the stone come to the fore. The wedge shape of the Wave Mosaic creates the added dimension of the play of light and shadow across the surface of this unique tile.