Strip Cladding

Stone selected for its colour and texture provides one of our most classically understated and versatile claddings. Precision cutting enables the option of a clean, grout-free finish.


This unique cladding offers an incredible range of finished effects from the single wedge-shaped tile. Visually dramatic, the 3D nature of the V-tile adds the play of light and shade across the surface to the natural variation in colour and texture of the stone. The V-Square is an unconventional twist on the original design.


It’s all about the pattern in these mesh-backed interlocking claddings of varying widths and relief. The surface of the stone adds another dimension – whether honed, chipped or natural.


The marriage of advanced manufacturing, contemporary design and the timelessness of natural stone. The smooth, honed surface of the stone enhances the silhouette of these visually striking claddings.

Lightweight NZ Stone Cladding

There’s something about knowing that the stone in your residential or commercial space has originated from deep within the earth in our special corner of the world. And with our production process of using specialised saws to cut the raw stone into a lightweight cladding, the options for featuring local NZ stone in your next new build or renovation project are now greater than ever. We have also developed and comprehensively tested a complete stone cladding installation system - from the substrate through to a weathertight adhesive system for the stone itself. So, whether it’s a New Zealand stone cladding, or one that has come from a bit further afield, you can have confidence that we can provide your tiler or stonemason with the technical information and advice for a quality, enduring installation.