Cladding & Feature Walls

Natural stone has been used to build walls for centuries.   We make it easier with stone that is cut to a thin veneer and more versatile with a wide range of product options.  Whether its interior or exterior, a feature wall or a major part of your cladding, you won’t regret the sense of strength, solidity and timelessness that natural stone walls bring.


A fireplace is often the centrepiece of a room, even when the fire is not alight!   Fire and stone are natural partners, do justice to your fireplace with a stone surround, hearth, or an entire background wall.


You want to make these spaces welcoming and comfortable to be in – naturally!  So why not consider using natural stone tiles or cladding to help achieve this?  Just the look of natural stone can be enough, add in some texture that you can touch and feel, and you’ll be well on the way.

Kitchen & Bathroom

We spend a lot of our time in these spaces, and they are often rooms where people like to make a real design statement.  Whether you opt for high drama or something a bit more subtle, stone walls and/or floors can add a natural element to your kitchen or bathroom.


Exterior and interior spaces have never been more connected than they are today, outdoor areas are literally an extension of your indoor living.  Mother nature shows us that stone stands the test of time in an outdoor environment.  Choose something that suits your situation, look after it, and the pleasure you get will be as long lasting as the stone itself.


The benefits of having something natural and real in a building need not be restricted to residential properties, in fact with the amount of waking hours people spend at work, you could argue that there is at least as much to gain in a commercial build.   So why not consider incorporating natural stone tiles and claddings in your next commercial project.