Pebble TilesOriginal Pebble

Where it all started – how to design a product that allowed this natural stone to be featured in close to its original form, while giving customers the ease and flexibility to use it in a multitude of applications. The answer was the mesh-backed, interlocking Perfect Pebble tile. The range has grown to include different surface profiles – both rounded and flat – and a variety of stone including the tumbled Marble Pebble.

Random Tiles

Hand assembled in the age-old style of ‘pique assiette’ or ‘broken tile’ mosaics, this range of non-uniform tumbled marble tiles achieves a random, crazy-paving look with the seamless finish and ease of laying of our four-sided interlocking design.

Mosaic Tiles

Precision cutting creates the classic mosaic look and allows the natural tones and texture of the stone to come to the fore. The innovative Wave tile design brings the added dimension of light and shade across the variable surface.

Our Story

Our story is entwined in the rich history of Indonesia. Learn about what inspired a diverse group of Westerners living in Bali to come together to create a natural stone tile company.


Many ways to have the look and feel of natural stone on your walls.

Strip Cladding

The clean lines and understated look of our strip claddings enables the colour and texture of the stone to be the hero in this versatile product. Can be laid horizontally or vertically, with precision cutting allowing for a grout-free installation if this is the desired effect.


Island Stone’s unique wedge-shaped cladding provides a range of finished effects, depending on how the tile is laid. Several stunning looks can be achieved from just this one tile, its 3D nature providing the added dimension of light and shadow across the surface of the stone.


The natural progression from our single piece claddings – a range of multi-strip, mesh-backed interlocking claddings that create a seamless pattern across any surface. Using the same principle and technology as our other interlocking tiles, you cannot tell where one section of cladding finishes and another one starts.


Shape and contour are the key feature of these highly innovative and architectural claddings. The surface of the stone is honed (smooth) to highlight the repeating pattern, whether it is the bamboo-like design of the Crescent Interlock or the wave geometry of the Dunes. Dare to be different!

New Zealand Stone Cladding

The opportunity to have a true slice of New Zealand in your home or workspace has never been greater. New Zealand stone is cut to a lightweight cladding on specialized saws and laid using our purpose-developed and tested installation system. Whether it’s the quintessential look of Central Otago schist, the warmer tones of Te Kuiti Limestone or another local stone, having something natural and home grown is more achievable than ever.

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