• Cladding Series > Large Strip / Solid Stone Series > Granite
    Silver Quartzitic Slate > CS2QS / Mongolian Black > Honed
  • Cladding Series > Strip
    Himachal White > CS1HW
  • NZ Stone Cladding
    Gibbston Valley Schist > Drystack Finish
  • Solid Stone Series > Travertine
    Classico Vein Cut > Brushed & Unfilled
  • Pebble Series > Perfect Pebble
    Medan Charcoal > I3PC

When it comes to choosing tiles and claddings, it's hard
to match the beauty and timelessness of natural stone.

Natural stone has a history which has been in the making over many millions of years, and deep in the ground under many layers of earth. At Island Stone we cut and shape the stone into a range of tiles and claddings that can transform your living or working space. Whether it’s the understated sophistication of Granite; the drama of Marble; the unique appeal of Travertine; the iconic look of NZ Schist or the range of applications offered by our formatted products such as our Pebble, Random, or Mosaic tiles, Island Stone has a natural stone solution for your commercial or residential project.

Our service

  • Design assistance

    Natural stone will last you a life time, and we can help when it comes to choosing the right product to achieve the look, feel and functionality you’re after.   We are happy to provide design assistance, so feel free to contact us for any suggestions or advice.  Alternatively have a look at our Gallery for some inspiration!
  • Installation

    Installation is critical, and we want to make sure that this part of the project is of the same high standard as the product itself.  Download our Installation Guides, or contact us if you need technical advice or you if you’d like as to recommend an installer in your area.
  • Commercial specification

    Island Stone has significant experience in a range of commercial projects, both in New Zealand and internationally.  We understand the need to match the product to fit the purpose, the design brief, and the budget, as well as the requirement for the installation to be as efficient as possible.  Contact us to discuss your commercial project or if you would like us to submit a tender.