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Design Assistance

Natural stone will last you a life time, and we can help when it comes to choosing the right product to achieve the look, feel and functionality you’re after.

The structure and characteristics of different stones can lend themselves to certain applications, e.g. interior versus exterior, wet areas versus dry areas, high traffic areas versus low traffic areas, and we will advise you in this area. Often people are seeking a particular colour or tone, and with our knowledge of stone we can help here too. We know which types of stone occur naturally in various colour palettes, either the base colour of the stone or the naturally occurring highlights that run through it.

The photos you see on our website are just a selection from our extensive photo library. If you are interested in a particular type of stone or look, we are more than happy to send you through a selection of appropriate photos that may give you ideas and help in your decision making. There’s also nothing like looking at the actual stone ‘in situ’. We can send you a sample to view on site, either direct to you or through your nearest Island Stone stockist.