Date:February 25, 2014

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Large Format Variable Length Cladding

A landmark project for Island Stone NZ was the supply and install of the exterior cladding and interior feature walling for this large architectural home in the rural outskirts north of Auckland.

The Architect and customer wanted a natural stone solution, both in terms of the product itself, and in a company with the expertise and experience to install this technical product to a high specification and quality of finish.

This first challenge was finding the right product.   The house was very large and therefore needed a larger format cladding to do it justice.  The customer was also keen on some variation, but not so much as to break the linear look and feel of the cladding.  Working with the Architect, the solution we came up with was a large format variable length strip cladding (quite a mouthful!) – 85mm wide strips of Quartzite Silver Slate in lengths of 400mm, 600mm and 1,000mm, laid randomly as an exterior cladding and interior walls including a feature fireplace.

The customer and Architect were extremely pleased with the result, as were we.  In fact since custom producing the product for this project, we now carry it as a stocked item, and more recently have sourced it in a range of other stones, including Kund Black Slate, Sandstone Mint and Grey, and a Delos Limestone.

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