Date:February 26, 2014

Exterior | Lightweight Cladding > NZ Stone

Te Kuiti limestone as a lightweight cladding

The brief from the Architect, David Ponting of Ponting Fitzgerald, for this project was for a very particular look and feel.  The customer wanted a natural, organic feel to the cladding, with a rounded finish and an irregular pattern.  They wanted a unique look to complement their stunning seaside location north of Auckland, and they wanted to achieve this using a stone with lighter tones.  Our solution was to use Te Kuiti Limestone, cut and installed using our Lightweight Cladding System that we developed initially for New Zealand Schist.  The end result exceeded the customer’s expectations, and for us has lead on to a number 0f other projects using Te Kuiti Limestone as a Lightweight Cladding, some of which are featured in the photos above, along with completed and work-in-progress photos from the original project.

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