Date:February 17, 2014

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Stone Clad Shipping Container

Island Stone NZ’s relationship with Glacial Stone has recently taken an exciting and innovative turn…

Glacial Stone is a boutique West Coast Mining company, who in the process of sustainably extracting gold from South Island rock has made some interesting discoveries about our indigenous stone.  In fact they are just about as fond of stone as we are!

It is through a collaboration with Glacial Stone that the Island Stone Pebble Tile range now includes Alpine and Tundra Sage, both unique West Coast pebbles, but their latest development is more in the tourism industry.

Seeing an opportunity to house a growing number of local and international tourists in his West Coast home town of Ross, as well as elsewhere in the South Island, Glacial Stone owner Matt Dove has developed the concept of using shipping containers as high-end semi-portable accommodation units.  But how to give a shipping container a facelift that makes it unique, connects it to its surroundings, and still allows it to be moved?  Enter Island Stone and our Lightweight Stone Cladding System!

The photos here show a local West Coast Riverstone, cut to a thin facing and adhered directly to the exterior of the container.  But any of Island Stone’s Lightweight Claddings can be used, and we are excited about working with Matt to clad more shipping containers in a range of NZ stones.  This container and others are currently situated at a campground at the end of the West Coast Wilderness Cycle Trail, a 139km ride from Greymouth to Ross.  The other photos show how our Lightweight Riverstone cladding has been used in a more conventional way – as a fireplace surround.

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