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Where we source our products

The majority of stone for the Island Stone product range is sourced from the Indonesian Islands, India and the greater Asian region.
More recently we have developed supply arrangements in Spain and Turkey for Marble and Travertine, and our product offering of tiles and cladding made from stone that is sourced from here in New Zealand is just in its infancy.

Island Stone takes a long term view with the establishment of supplier relationships. Quality and consistency of supply are paramount, as are ethical and sustainable business practices (see below). These things form the cornerstone of our supplier relationships. While there will always be someone who will provide the raw stone material for a cheaper price, we are not interested in constantly chasing a ‘better deal’, then worrying about whether the quality of the order will meet that of the sample provided, or whether that great price will be still be there in six months’ time. We know and trust our suppliers, and vice versa, and that’s the way we like it.



Environmental Policy

One of the things we love about pure stone is the length of time and the forces of nature that go into creating it. Unlike porcelain, you can’t just continuously produce what and how much of it you want from a factory. It comes from deep in the ground and there is a limited supply of it. Extracting and using stone in a sustainable way is therefore a vital part of our business.

This starts with your suppliers. We only deal with reputable suppliers, and we do not use rare materials or those under high pressure of extraction. We then seek to make optimum use of the raw stone and to minimize wastage. In fact, with much of the Island Stone product range being made from relatively small pieces of stone, fitted on to a mesh-backing to form interlocking tiles, a significant amount of the raw stone material we use is usually that discarded by major quarries.

Our Random series of tiles are made entirely from waste product obtained from Indonesian and Indian marble quarries. The way we gather our pebble from the beaches of the Indonesian islands is not only sustainable and under the control of local authorities, it also provides welcome employment for indigenous communities whose livelihoods can otherwise be very fragile.

Finally, owning our own production facilities means that we can and do provide superior employment opportunities and working conditions. The founders of Island Stone established not only their business in Indonesia, but also their lives and that of their families. They have a deep love of the region and are committed to contributing to its long term prosperity. Like the stone itself, where it all starts from, we want our business to be around for a long time.