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About Island Stone NZ

Island Stone was founded over 20 years ago by few like minded people who, while relaxing after yet another great surf on a beach in Bali and looking at the beautiful pebble that lay all around, thought – “What can we do to enable more people can enjoy the beauty of this natural stone?”

From these first wonderings came Island Stone and the word’s first interlocking mesh-backed pebble tile. And since those early beginnings we have grown to produce an extensive range of natural stone tiles and claddings, but still with the same philosophy – to take the raw stone that Mother Nature has crafted over sometimes millions of years, and turn it into a product that allows people to enjoy the beauty and timelessness of natural stone in their home, workplace or retail environment.


We work exclusively with natural stone because we love it. We love that each piece of stone has a history, a story behind why it looks and feels the way it does. We love the fact that we don’t get to choose the colours, the grains, the subtle highlights and variations. All those things have been in the making over many, many years and deep in the ground under many layers of earth.

What we do get to do is transform the raw material into a range of tile and cladding products that hopefully do it justice and that provide you, the customer, with a range of opportunities to have a slice of Mother Nature in your next renovation or new build project.

We also love that there is so much to learn about natural stone. Each type of stone has its own unique structure and characteristics, and these influence where and how the stone can be used, how to lay it and how to care for it. We’ve built up a vast amount of knowledge and experience over the past 20 years, but there’s always more to learn. We’re especially excited about applying our knowledge to developing our offering of New Zealand stone.

With our Lightweight Schist Cladding and Alpine Pebble products we are just scratching the surface of being able to provide a range of beautiful and unique stone products that have originated from deep within our special corner of the earth. And we are always on the lookout for quality natural stone from the other three corners!